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Clear to the Horizon In 1999, A Number Of Young Women Go Missing In The Perth Suburb Of Claremont One Body Is Discovered Others Are Never Seen Again Snowy Lane City Of Light Is Hired As A Private Investigator But Neither He Nor The Cops Can Find The Serial Killer Sixteen Years Later, Another Case Brings Snowy To Broome, Where He Teams Up With Dan Clement Before It Breaks And An Incidental Crime Puts Them Back On The Claremont Case Clear To The Horizon Is A Nail Biting Aussie Style Thriller, Based On One Of The Great Unsolved Crimes In Western Australia S Recent History Its Twists And Turns Will Keep You Guessing To The End.Dave Warner S Before It Breaks Fremantle Press Won The Ned Kelly Award For Best Crime Fiction In 2016.This Novel Brilliantly Combines The Sleuthing Skills Of Two Of Warner S Best Known Characters And Looks At How Unsolved Crimes Can Continue To Haunt Communities Long After The Fact.The Book References The Claremont Serial Killings, Western Australia S Most Notorious Cold Case It S A Case That Real Life Investigators Recently Made A Giant Leap Forward On Arresting A Man For The Murders Of Two Women.Warner S Work Has Strong Support From Newspapers Like The Herald Sun, Sydney Morning Herald And Weekend Australian And Reviews Of His Last Book Were Syndicated To Newspapers Across The Nation.Warner Is A Known Musician With An Existing Fan Base And Is Likely To Feature On Local NSW And WA Radio.

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    When you re touched by evil, it leaves deep within you a trace like some dormant virus waiting to be reactivated into full blown dead. In 1999 and 2000, three young women go missing on separate occasions, last seen leaving a nightclub in the Perth suburb of Claremont With the police not making any headway in the investigations, one of the families contacts renowned private investigator Snowy Lane for help Clear to the Horizon is distinctly Australian, loaded with local colloquialisms and locales The outback features prominently bringing the dusty and dangerous isolation that comes with it into the urban landscape in which the elusive kidnapper terrorizes young women.This book reads as a tale of two stories the earlier one centered around the missing women and Snowy Lane s case, with the second featuring a mining mogul s missing daughter in which Snowy is also broug...

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    Back in the late 1970 s Dave Warner released music that became part of the soundtrack of my life When I discovered CITY OF LIGHT, MURDER IN THE FRAME, EXXXPRESSO and other books by him in the late 1990 s early 2000 s I was than a bit chuffed to think a musical hero was also a lover of crime fiction And I bloody loved all of those books.CITY OF LIGHT was Dave Warner s first book from memory , it won the 1996 West Australian Premier s Award for best fiction, and it introduced a young police constable, and aspiring footballer Snowy Lane In this book Lane is investigating the murder of a number of young women by the serial killer dubbed Mr Gruesome If, however, you ve not read any of Dave Warner s work then CLEAR TO THE HORIZON is a great place to start, as would be BEFORE IT BREAKS which was a very worthy Ned Kelly winner indeed CLEAR TO THE HORIZON is told in two later periods of time, basing itself around the true story of a number of young women who were killed by an undiscovered serial killer in Claremont, Perth When the novel starts out in 1999, a number of young women have gone missing, with...

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    Ive been slowly reading this over the last month A very good literary crime novel set in my home town It was interesting reading a novel about a place I ve lived majority of my life Snowy seemed a like a decent character but I just couldn t embrace him like other PIs Obviously influenced by a real crime in the...

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    The story starts slowly with an open investigation into the disappearances of three young women from a nightclub in Perth Snowy Lane is a PI hired by one of the parents and he runs around on countless dead ends He has his suspicions but nothing definite 17 years late Lane is on another case of a missing woman this time in Broome.There s a lot of the outback, Australian slang, music and sporting references, a shark attack, a rogue crocodile, false leads, links...

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    3.5 4 This was an interesting book to read, because it was set largely in Perth, so I recognised a lot of the landscapes I also knew about the Claremont killings as a real case as they happened during my lifetime, so I was keen to o read this book to find out how Warner approached that case in his novel I liked the character of Snowy, and would be interested to read Warner s first book featuring a younger Snowy There were a lot of similes, which annoyed me a bit at first coz it was overkill as there were so many Most were quite funny though and I was interested in the plot progression so I wasn t too bothered by that in the end I really liked the crossover to Broome midway through and the connection of the two protagonists and how their stories crossed over I m no...

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    The last Dave Warner novel I read, which was the second in the Snowy Lane and Dan Clement series, was such a good read that I gave it a rare five stars This one came close I wish it were possible to give 4.5 stars I think having lived in Western Australia helped my comprehension and enjoyment, but even if you ve never had that great privilege, you would enjoy it all the same.With shades of the actual Claremont serial killings, where several young women disappeared from nightclubs in the up market suburb of Perth, Snowy finds himself in an investigation that sweeps fr...

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    Thanks Dave

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    You ll feel the heat, the dust and the breeze The islolation will quieten the noise around you and you ll fall head first into a story filled with people rather than characters Real, terrifyingly real The repercussions of crime doesn t just affect the families And, it s a bloody good story.

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    If only the Claremont Serial Killings could have such a conclusion Enjoyable read.

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    deducted 1 2 point because of the irritations Might still try another.

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