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    Racing along New York City streets one March 1945 day, Linus Muller stops to catch his breath when his attention is suddenly arrested by a familiar face on a poster Noting the address on the poster, Linus changes course and sets off for it instead.Flashback to September 1943 Linus is 12 years old and has just inherited his older brother s shoes and his job delivering groceries for his parent s shop In fact, with six kids and a war on, everything is a hand me down, except for Linus s older brother Albie, who is off to war now that he is old enough to enlist Linus has also inherited Albie s bed and has been made caretaker of Albie s superhero comic books collection, a love they shared, as well as Albie drawing of his own superhero Mr Superspeed, with whom Linus keeps a running conversation while he makes his deliveries As Linus begins his life as a delivery boy, he meets all the customers and quickly learns their quirky ways, like Mrs DeWinter who always has another task waiting for Linus to do when he brings her groceries His job takes him all over the Upper East Side of Manhattan, an area Linus knows like the back of his hand Late in the afternoon, on his first day, his mother hands Linus a crate of oranges and tells him to deliver them to 15 East 59th Street Little did Linus know this would be his most interesting monthly delivery.Living there is an elderly painter with a difficult to r...

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    Few foreign books for children wind up translated into English, perhaps not surprisingly given the plethora of titles published each year by American and English speaking authors from Canada, England, Australia, and other countries Often the ones that do make it for release in the U.S are special titles, and that s the case with the new historical novel Mister Orange by Dutch author Truus Matti This title is especially unusual because, although written originally in Dutch and first published in the Netherlands, the book takes place in New York City during World War II and the protagonist is a young American boy, Linus, whose brother has shipped off to fight on the European front Mr Orange, as adults might guess who see the American cover the Dutch cover looks completely different, as is often the case , is none other than the famous Dutch artist Piet Mondrian, who has moved to New York to escape the repressive political environment in Europe With Linus older brother off at the war, Linus inherits his grocery delivery route, and, unable to remember his customer s foreign name, dubs hi...

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    A delightful historical novel set in New York City during World War II that sensitively portrays a young boy s discovery of the power of art and family life on the American home front A Dutch translation, winner of the 2014 Mildred L Batchelder Award.

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    One Sentence Review Just the most charming little book, and I can attest that as a New Yorker Ms Matti gets all the details of the city right you d never known the book was a translation.

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    I read an English translation.An extraordinary depiction of the relationship between a grocery delivery boy whose brother is in the army in 1943 with an eccentric artist clearly intended to be the artist Piet Mondrian This is a gift to children when it comes to understanding modern art and the I can do that response that most kids have to it including my own response to Mondrian when I first encountered his work as a teenager and a celebration of imagination Not a lot actually happens in the book It s essentially an account of what it s like for this boy to live day by day with his family, friends, and customers while his brother is away There are some compelling and terrible moments Mister Orange s description of crossing the ocean to America made me feel like I was right there on the water in complete darkness with him, and the boy s discovery of his brother s changed feelings about the war when he reads a letter not meant for him but this is about character and atmosphere than a...

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    Meh Not bad, but also not memorable This novel is short enough to read in an hour or two, but I didn t end up invested in any of the characters Perhaps that had to do with the translation, but overall I felt like it was too generic for me to really care what was going on By far the most interesting character was the artist, Mr Orange himself, but the scenes with him were brief and rather few I could see myself recommending this to readers looking for something...

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    Linus Muller works at a family grocery store in Manhattan He was just told that his brother was needed to fight in World Word II Linus has to pick up the extra work from his brother leaving so he takes over grocery deliveries This is where he meets a costumer by the name Mister Orange Mister Orange is an artist from Europe Linus and Mis...

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    Growing up I couldn t understand my dad s insistence that the walls of our house be white Now I realize that as an architect he was influenced by the minimalist Bauhaus style His company followed the Bauhaus movement that believed all arts should work together with design My dad loves the Bauhaus bent toward clean lines, simplicity, and few decorations He also had a few abstract paintings hanging on walls that usually had a design element I could not understand or see I grew up seeing artists work similar to Piet Mondrian s on our walls Strong horizontal and vertical lines with primary colors Piet Mondrian s work was a part of the De Stijl movement that influenced the Bauhaus and I really enjoyed Mister Orange that has the protagonist, Linus, meeting the artist, Piet Mondrian When Linus decides he s going to paint his walls white like Piet s, I was transported back to my white walled childhood with my mom complaining to my dad, You never let me hang wallpaper Linus s brother Simon s response to white walls reminded me of my mom Paint them white What s the point This isn t a hos...

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