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Worship That Works: Theory and Practice for Unitarian UniversalistsJust Ten Years After It Was First Published, Worship That Works Is Already A Classic Text Of The Unitarian Universalist Liturgical Arts Following A Road Trip In Which They Visited Congregations Of Various Sizes And Traditions, The Authors Offer Essential Theory And Best Practices For Lay Worship Leaders, Ministers, And Student Ministers Alike Significantly Updated, This Second Edition Includes Revisions And New Chapters On Multicultural Worship, Multigenerational Worship, And New Models Of Services For Contemporary Practices.

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    An excellent book for clergy and worship committees to study, Worship That Works explores the experience, theory and traditions of worship in Unitarian Universalism with some helpful comparison to worship in other traditions The first part of the book describes experiences and articulates theory the last part offers practical tips for leading worship The authors have definite views about worship and do not shrink from asking challenging questions and critiquing widespread but often unsatisfactory Unitarian Universalist practices They both affirm and critique the Unitarian Universalist worship heritage.One opinion of the authors calls for a response their critique of the first Source in the 1985 UUA statement of Principles direct experience of that transcending mystery and wonder, affirmed in all cultures, which moves us to a renewal of the spirit and an openness to the forces which create and uphold life They say that The emphasis on the individual in that first Source overwhelms all the other Sources we claim, which arise from collective rather than individual experience When we view our worship life primarily through the lens of the first Source, minimizing the influence of historic traditions and their liturgical expression, we risk treating worship as thinly disguised self improvement p 21 The text does not support their assertion There is nothing to say that direct experience is not shared, i...

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    I learned about UU reading this book than I have in all of the years I ve belonged to my church.

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    Although I wouldn t have read this book if it weren t an assignment for the Worship Associates program at my UU church, I m glad now that I ve read it The authors visited a number of worship services across the country and comp...

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    This is a great book for lay leaders thinking about worship, and has helpful pointers for UU ministers too.

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