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Angels Learn How To Communicate With The Angels And Interpret Their Signs For Healing, Support And Guidance.Kyle Gray Is One Of The World S Youngest, Most Sought After Angel Experts He Discovered His Spiritual Gifts At The Tender Age Of Four And Now Dedicates His Life To Helping Others Tune In To Their Own Intuitive Talents In This Book, Kyle Teaches Readers How To Connect With The Angels And Bring Their Divine, Loving Presence Into All Areas Of Life For Powerful Transformations.You Will Learn How To See, Hear And Feel The Presence Of The Angels Ways To Communicate With The Angels And Ask For Their Help How To Receive Messages From The Angels And Trust Their Guidance The Different Types Of Angels And Their Role In Each Area Of Your Life How To Meet Your Guardian Angel

!!> Reading ➺ Angels  ➲ Author Kyle Gray – Techotechies.us
  • Paperback
  • 200 pages
  • Angels
  • Kyle Gray
  • 27 October 2019
  • 9781781802632

10 thoughts on “Angels

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    A wonderful introduction to and about angels It includes information on how to keep safe, develop psychic abilities and how to communicate with your angels.Kyle has a lovely down to earth easy to understand style and approach It makes it a pleasure to read and the light ...

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    I learned of Kyle Gray through one of Robert Holden s weekly shows on Hayhouseradio I began following him on Facebook and Instagram, and was eager to read one of his books One day on Facebook he mentioned that he was putting 30 signed copies of Angels How to See, Hear and Feel Your Angels for sale on his website I hurried to his site and was thrilled to purchase one just in time When my Angel book arrived from Scotland, I was grateful for the message inscribed from the author The angels want you to know that you are a huge force of love There is so much goodness within it Even though you many not see it but they do Let heaven guide you on the journey to self love 3 Kyle As I have been adding and time for myself to relax, I found that warm, candlelit baths with epsom salt, along with a cup of chamomile tea are quite wonderful What better book to take along with me than Angels I affectionately refer to my reading of this book as Bath time with Kyle, since the entire book was read in the bathtub These evenings were pure indulgence for me Such a beautiful book, written from the heart So much information, and worded such, that even an angel newbie like me could grasp.Kyle takes us through the different types of angels, archangels, meeting our guardian angel, seeing, hearing and feeling angels, prayers, affirmations and The prayers and affirmations are beautiful, and as I read via candlelight, the bath become a sanctuary It was luminous, spir...

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    Love Kyle Gray s work and affirmations, his authenticity This has been my bus reading for the last few months and I looked forward to it every time, for the inspiration and open mindedness it invokes, and the...

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    Good intro to angelsI don t believe absolutely everything in this book I do like many things I can t help but feel a positive energy throughout my whole body while reading My energy is raised.

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    Enjoyed this book

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    This young Scottish angel expert, Kyle Gray, has been seeing and working with angels from an early age.He writes well, clearly and simply, and tells us about his own experiences with angels.We are given basic information about angels, including the various types.Kyle tells us about Archangels Michael, Gabriel, Raphael and Uriel.Archangel Michael is the protector and we can call on him at any time we can invoke his presence by visualizing ourselves in a blue light.Archangel Gabriel is the nurturer and extremely loving Kyle sees her as female Gabriel can help those who are trying to conceive a child and can help through all aspects of pregnancy She is also the angel of communication and helps us to speak our truth.Archangel Raphael is the healer Kyle says Raphael can bring healing miracles to anyone who really allows them to happen Kyle sees him as a young, handsome Italian looking man Raphael is also the angel to call on while travelling.Archangel Uriel is the light bringer His name means God s light Uriel can really cheer you up Joy, happiness and rejuvenation radiate from his aura Uriel is great to call on for help when you re going through a test or exam He also helps to share our special talents or gifts, and helps those who are self employed.Kyle gives us prayers to invoke each of these archangels.For example, here is a prayer to invoke Uriel Ar...

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    Easy reading with GREAT info This is a great book which is easy to read and understand.Kyle offers great information about angels in general, the different types of angels and how to work with them mixed in with a few of his personal stories His own experiences don t feel far fetched or out of this world, they feel relatable and like they could happen to anyone.He has opened my eyes to Angels and given me a bet...

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    Uma obra fundamental para quem se quer iniciar ou desenvolver a sua rela o com o Reino Ang lico Como se proteger, conectar e desenvolver a comunica o com os Anjos e Arcanjos, tudo relatado de um modo simples, pr tico e directo.

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    Great bookGreat book on Angels This is my first book on Angel and I ve really learnt a lot about them It s very practical too.

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    loved it

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