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تاریخ بیهقی / جلد اول Tarikhe Masudi Maaroof Be Tarikhe Beyhaghi Tashih Va Havashi Az Saeed Nafisi.I Suggest This Book To Those Who Are Interested In Practicing A Better Persian Writing 1862 1305 1319 1324

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    Tarikh i Bayhaqi, Abu l Fadl BayhaqiT r kh i Bayhaq , also known as T r kh i Mas d and the Mujallad t, is a history of the Ghaznavid Empire written by Abul Fazl Bayhaqi, in Persian, in the 11th century 1978 11 18...

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    A history book, written in 10th AC Khorasan, Persia The laguage is glorious, one of the best among old classic Persian text .

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    A great bank of vocabulary Beautiful.

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