Free ↠ The Dead Smile By F. Marion Crawford –

The Dead Smile Many Of The Earliest Ghost Stories And Tales Of Hauntings, Particularly Those Dating Back To The 1900s And Before, Are Now Extremely Scarce And Increasingly Expensive We Are Republishing These Classic Works In Affordable, High Quality, Modern Editions, Using The Original Text And Artwork.

Free ↠ The Dead Smile  By F. Marion Crawford –
  • Paperback
  • 28 pages
  • The Dead Smile
  • F. Marion Crawford
  • English
  • 25 September 2018
  • 9781447404934

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    I m pleased to continue with my Halloween reading.This was rather dated, so I was able to see the mystery from miles away I figured it out from the moment it was brought up, actually, but that s really no fault of Mr Crawford The twist has been used so many times in modern soap operas, movies, stories, whatever since 1899 that it s just easy to peg But I still enjoyed it It has a banshee, a corpse that won t stay in its coffin, and a smile that infects other people When the baddie smiles, others start to smile too and there s nothing they can do about it It s the kind of smile you d see on a skeleton, hence the title of the short story That was the creepiest part for me It also invoked images and memories of smiles that freak me out, such as those ofThe Cheshire Cat Agent Smith after he copies himself onto the O...

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    A well crafted short about a young man and his intended who are visiting the deathbed of his father It appears there is an element of mystery regarding Evelyn s father, an ancient nurse who spends most of her time sleeping upstairs, and racketing about the attic accompanied by a cat, what else feels that she knows the curse which is upon the family but won t disclose She s possibly a distant relation of Stella Gibbon s immemorial and wizened Aunt Ada Doom.The grandfather has been entombed in the family vault many years ago, but was decapitated and his head has assumed a life of its own, the body exiting its coffin and reposing in the corner of the vault at will Upon his death bed, the father is urged to confess his dreadful secret by the aged grandmother, yet he will not yield cue detailed descripti...

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    Puts one in the spirit of the Season Gothic.

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