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Because Of FrancieA Former Ice Figure Skater, Francie Piccard Must Make A Decision Should She Resume Her Training With The Partner Who Betrayed Her And Try For A Gold Medal Or Should She Stay On As Manager Of The Roller Fun Roller Skating Rink And Try To Convince Her New Boss And Owner, Noah Gordon, Not To Sell It Persuading Noah To Stay In Gettysburg Until Valentine S Day Isn T As Difficult As Francie Expects But Is He Staying Because Of The Rink, Her Family S Hospitality, Or The Attraction Between Them Should Francie Hold Onto An Old Dream Or Chase A New One Originally Published As Because Of Francie.

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    Francie Piccard who is 25 is the manager of Roller Fun, a roller skating rink in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania One day, her new boss and rink owner hero Noah Gordon 36 shows up at the rink and tells Francie he s planning on selling it Francie is shocked and unhappy over this She persuades Noah to stay in town he travels a lot for a while so she can show him how important the rink is to the community While Noah stays he begins to fall for Francie, but what happens when Francie s former boyfriend, Brent, arrives Francie is an ex Olympic figure skater A few years ago her skating partner and boyfriend Brent didn t catch her while they were doing a skating routine and Francie fell and injured her back At the time Brent was seeing another skater, Bridgit, behind Francie s back So Brent got a new skating partner and girlfriend, Bridgit and a disillusioned Francie came back home to Gettysburg to be with her family and manage the roller rink Francie s back healed, and now Brent is back, trying to persuade her to go for the Olympic gold once again since he and Bridgit aren t cutting it But can Francie trust him, and does she even want to And what about the roller skating rink, and her growing attraction to Noah Will Noah close the rink This was an enj...

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    A female figure skater was finally moving on with her life She was managing an ice skating arena and things were good Until her hero boss shows up and tells her that he is selling the ice skating arena because he needs to have profit in his company The heroine is determined to make the hero change his mind, what she didn t expect was for her former lover and skating partner to show up, begging for her back Also, she n...

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    Got this free on the kindle, and wasn t really feeling the plotline Really predictable, and it went by too slow for my liking It s just so obvious what would happen, and I skimmed pretty much half the book and still got what happened This book just wasn t for me It ...

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    This was a terrific book She starts working for a rolling skating rink but can she keep it alive when the boss wants to sell Read to find out cus if you havent read the book and your reading the Review i say get to reading

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    Falling for her Boss was a lite summer read I finished in one day The plot line was standard with no surprises but the writing style was good Francine s family is delightful and supportive although she initially has difficulties with her younger sister Overall enjoyable read.

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    As others said yes this story is pretty predictable But I still found it enjoyable Noah having never known what love or family really is, finds Francie a confusion and something he just can t stay away from If you are looking for a classic romance, this will be one for you.

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    This was a lite read, very predictable but not bad for a free book for Kindle.

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    Great read with a little different story line, Relaxing and shows just how rough some people have life when they have a sad upbringing.

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    So perdictablejust like any romance

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    I really enjoyed reading this romance book I enjoyed the characters I wish I could have had a family like Francie s I love Karen Rose Smith s book and can t wait to read .

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