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Electromagnetic Theory (Volume 1) Purchase Of This Book Includes Free Trial Access To Www.million Books.com Where You Can Read Than A Million Books For Free This Is An OCR Edition With Typos Excerpt From Book CHAPTER 1L OUTLINE OF THE ELECTROMAGNETIC CONNECTIONS Electric And Magnetic Force Displacement And Induction Elastivity And Permittivity, Inductivity And Reluctivity 20 Our Primary Knowledge Of Electricity, In Its Quantitative Aspect, Is Founded Upon The Observation Of The Mechanical Forces Experienced By An Electrically Charged Body, By A Magnetised Body, And By A Body Supporting Electric Current In The Study Of These Mechanical Forces We Are Led To The Abstract Ideas Of Electric Force And Magnetic Force, Apart From Electrification, Or Magnetisation, Or Electric Current, To Work Upon And Produce Visible Effects The Conception Of Fields Of Force Naturally Follows, With The Mapping Out Of Space By Means Of Lines Or Tubes Of Force Definitely Distributed A Further And Very Important Step Is The Recognition That The Two Vectors, Electric Force And Magnetic Force, Represent, Or Are Capable Of Measuring, The Actual Physical State Of The Medium Concerned, From The Electromagnetic Point Of View, When Taken In Conjunction With Other Quantities Experimentally Recognisable As Properties Of Matter, Showing That Different Substances Are Affected To Different Extents By The Same Intensity Of Electric Or Magnetic Force Electric Force Is Then To Be Conceived As Producing Or Being Invariably Associated With A Flux, The Electric Displacement And Similarly Magnetic Force As Producing A Second Flux, The Magnetic Induction If E Be The Electric Force At Any Point And D The Displacement, We Have D CE 1 And Similarly, If H Be The Magnetic Force And B The Induction, Then B H 2 Here The Ratios E And Represent Physical Properties Of The Medium The One , Which Indicates Capacity For Supporting Magnetic Induction, Is Its Inductivity Whilst The Oth

[ Ebook ] ➢ Electromagnetic Theory (Volume 1)  Author Oliver Heaviside – Techotechies.us
  • Paperback
  • 158 pages
  • Electromagnetic Theory (Volume 1)
  • Oliver Heaviside
  • English
  • 12 July 2017
  • 1459069188

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